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Generate all JPK files from the Excel spreadsheet, send them to the Ministry of Finance in a quick and easy way, download the UPO.

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Upload JPK files, check the structure, simulate financial e-control, verify a contractor in VIES, create tax declaration.

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JPK obligation - are you ready?

From the 1st of January 2018, your company is subject to the obligation to submit monthly tax returns based on the JPK_VAT file. The Tax Administration may request from you additional structures such as JPK_WB, JPK_FA or others.

Regardless of which financial and accounting system you keep your books in, we have a simpler solution for you. Based on ready Excel spreadsheets available in our application, you are able to create a JPK file from any data source.

When sending a JPK file to the Ministry of Finance gateway, you need to be sure that it is complete. As part of our JPK file analysis platform, you will comprehensively check its structure from the technical and accounting points of view, the status of a contractor in VIES and generate a VAT declaration using the JPK_VAT file.

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Fee for 1 year of use with updates for one position.
The prices listed below are net prices.

Select the JPK Creator, additional modules or applications and fill out the form, and we will reply to you with the order document containing your package configuration.

  • JPK Creator
  • JPK_VAT [600 PLN]
  • JPK Transporter [400 PLN]
  • Module JPK_WB [200 PLN]
  • Module JPK_KR [200 PLN]
  • Module JPK_FA [200 PLN]
  • Module JPK_MAG [200 PLN]
  • Technical support and consultations [400 PLN/3H]
  • JPK Analyzer [4950 PLN]

    A platform for performing e-control of JPK files. It supports all structures, verifies technical and financial-accounting correctness, allows checking contractors in VIES and allows you to generate a VAT tax declaration.

  • Total

    1200 PLN net/year

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We are able to prepare individual programming solutions for you, dedicated to your needs. If you are interested in such a solution, please describe your needs and send them to the following address:

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